About Us

The Mandurah Paddling Club was a recreational paddling club based in Mandurah south of Perth in Western Australia. We have been around for about 12 years and our members were involved in many different types of paddling including sea, surfing, flatwater and white water.

Wanted - Mischevious paddlers

As a non-competitive club, our aim was to enable people to safely discover the joys of paddling in beautiful Western Australia while socialising with like-minded people. Many of our members made life-long friendships through the club and we hope this is the case with many more people in the future.

What We Did...

Whether it’s fighting for control in the ocean with a following sea, gliding quietly along a river or feeling your heart leap with fear and excitement as you take the drop on a wave, kayaking is addictive and fun

We used to have regular weekend club paddles that would introduce you to all aspects of this addictive sport. Club paddles were led by experienced paddlers who supported the safety of the group. Some of our club members still are paddle instructors

Ocean Paddling

Sea Kayaking is fun Paddling a sea kayak over open water makes you feel at one with nature…

Reefs Desert Island…

Mommy!! …respecting the power of the ocean!

Hey There Always someone new to see

Seal Island One of our ocean playgrounds…

Serenity Serenity…

White Water Paddling

Paddling a kayak through fast moving and challenging water is a blast. MPC helped beginners who wanted to master white water paddling skills and intermediate paddlers looking to progress. We visited local rivers when rains or irrigation releases deliver to paddle grade 1-3 rapids.

surfing Whitewater Surfing

squatting Playboating

Posse Forms Gettin' the Gang back together…

Kayak Surfing

The coast of WA has some great surf breaks that are suitable for various standards and types of kayak. Many of the places we surf are reef breaks and we are often joined on the waves by the local wildlife (dolphins and sea lions).

Greenwave Carving it up

Crowded Crowd on the break…

why are you reading this? Lost

further back Not just for short boats…

Skills Development

Develop your kayaking skills with our enthusiastic and experienced paddlers. We run regular sessions through the year covering a wide range of topics including assisted and unassisted rescues, recovery techniques and rolling. At the start of the white water season, we run familiarisation sessions in ‘friendly’ swift water environments to wash off those cobwebs.


Social Paddling

We also arrange outings suitable for less confident paddlers. The Mandurah Canals and the Swan River are popular destinations for such events.


Canoeing on the Canning River

Trips Away

The club organises 3-4 weekends away thoughout the year. As well as a great opportunity to paddle new water with a bunch of mates there are usually other activities happening including mountain biking, walking and ocassionally some rock climbing to counter the effects of delicious food and the odd glass of red or other indulgences. The weekend trips are also usually suitable for non-paddling partners with alternate activities available.


Sorry Folks!

The Mandurah Paddle Club has shut down and is no longer operating. :-(