Welcome   to   our   club.... Mandurah   Paddling   Club   caters   for   most   forms   of   paddling   activities,   with   diverse   groups   of   enthusiastic paddlers   sharing   the   same   common   interests.   These   range   from   sea   kayaking   to   river   paddling,   from   white   water   rapids   to   ocean surfing   and   expeditions.   Situated   in   Mandurah,   we   have   access   to   magnificent   waterways,   such   as   the   canals,   the   Peel   inlet   and estuary,   the   Murray   &   Serpentine   rivers   and   the   Indian   Ocean.   Whether   it   is   training   towards   your   first Avon   Descent   or   taking   in the   amazing   local   flora   and   fauna,   there   will   be   a   group   with   the   same   vision   to   participate   in   a   safe   and   enjoyable   activity.   We also have a wealth of experience to help newcomers who want to take up the sport.
Welcome to Mandurah Paddling Club. If you're interested in kayaking or just want to find out what it's all about, click on "Calendar" and come on down for a look.
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